International sound art exhibition which brings together authors from seven countries of three continents, presented in the virtual space of Freijo Gallery.
Curated by José Iges, for Freijo Gallery.

What we present here is an exhibition that takes place in a virtual space. It consists of stereophonic sound works, besides the visual, sound, video and textual content that complements and expands them. This means that it is, above all, an invitation to listen.

The works on display here have been made between 1987 and the present time. Despite this time interval, all of them are resignified and projected in this moment we are living, and this is perhaps the main reason for their choice. This present in which we are living in a metastable equilibrium, of a weak certainty that sustains us in a forcibly attenuated register of movement, waiting for a change of state that is not clearly visible. They are, therefore, works that probably have to be valued as a reflection of a moment and heritage for future times, and as such they will perhaps be the object of those archives that we are only now beginning to build.

Click here to read the curatorial essay, by José Iges.

ARTISTS, in order of appearance:
Philip Corner | Giovanni Fontana | GX Jupitter-Larsen | Esther Ferrer | María de Alvear | Janete El Haouli and José Augusto Mannis | Manuel Rocha Iturbide | Francisco López | Concha Jerez and José Iges | José Manuel Berenguer | Colin Black | Andrea Sodomka | Xabier Erkizia

Pieces of Musical Reality, 1994

Sento dunque suono, 2007

Measuring Social Distancing, 2020

Al ritmo del tiempo [To the Rhythm of Time], 1992

Die Badenden [The Bathers], 1987

In memoriam Decio Pignatari, 2013

El baño de Frida Kahlo II [Frida Kahlo's Bathroom II], 2020

untitled #276, 2011

El silbido del Caballo de Hierro atravesando el umbral del Paraíso [The Whistling of the Iron Horse Crossing the Threshold of Paradise], 1995-1996

Piedra Bugre, 2020

The London Ear Drops (Radio Edit), 2020

When I open my window, 2020

La vida de la chispa [The Life of the Spark], 2020


Online talk "Collecting Sound Art"

Participants: Miguel Álvarez-Fernández, Fernando Castro Florez, Xabier Erkizia and Concha Jerez, with presentation and moderation by José Iges.

Opening event, broadcast live on October 8th, with the participation of the artists and some personalities from the field of Sound Art.

Participants: Angustias Freijo, José Iges, Janete El Haouli, José Augusto Mannis, José Manuel Berenger, Andrea Sodomka, María de Alvear, Colin Black, Manuel Rocha Iturbide, Ana de Alvear, Eduardo Polonio, Alberto Flores, Raúl Minsburg, Gonzalo Biffarella, Marta Pereira and Emiliano López Rascón.

Online talk "Listening to Sound Art on the web"

· Miguel Álvarez-Fernández (music
ologist, sound artist and director of Ars Sonora)
· Violeta Ospina (
multidisciplinary artist, Radio Web MACBA collaborator)
· Tito Rivas (
sound artist, researcher and director of Museo Ex Teresa in Mexico City)
· Mene Savasta (
sound artist, art historian and Trans/Aural coordinator at UNTREF in Buenos Aires)

Moderated by:
· José Iges

Online encounter "Sound Art Economy/ies"

· Marta Pérez Ibáñez. Researcher and teacher on the Art Market. IAC president (Madrid, ES)
· Emiliano López Rascón. Sound artist (CdMx, MX)
· Jorge Gómez and Amarilys Quintero. Director and coordinator of Ars Sonorus (Bogotá, CO)
· Ferrán Cuadras. Arsonal director (Barcelona, ES)
· Gonzalo Biffarella. Composer and sound artist (Córdoba, AR)

Moderated by:
José Iges. Curator and sound artist (Madrid, ES)


In Freijo Gallery's library in Madrid, the bibliography suggested by José Iges is available to the public.

The selection of books related to Sound Art, chosen by the artist and curator of S.M.E. (Sounds of Metastable Equilibriums) can be found by clicking here.