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Author: GX Jupitter-Larsen
Title: Measuring Social Distancing
Year: 2020
Technique: stereophonic sound work
Duration: 12'13''
Edition of 10

2.300,00 € + VAT

This work also includes:
· HD video. Duration: 4'05''
· Four digital photographs
· An object-ruler, signed by the artist.


Entitled Measuring Social Distancing, this spoken-word / noise montage by GX Jupitter-Larsen was partly done as a response to the COVID‑19 pandemic. The collage suggests instructions for a performance piece that people themselves can do. Various voices, speaking in different languages, advise people to kick a ruler as they walk. This performance can be enacted by anyone anywhere.

Voices appearing in the montage: {AN} EeL, A Courtis, Andrea Cernotto, Andy Bolus, Andy Ortmann, Angela Sawyer, Annabelle Port, Austin Cooley, Carol Cooley, Clane Hayward, Crank Sturgeon, Dave Phillips, Eric Gonzalez-Blitz, Filip Stojiljkovic, Freek Kinkelaar, Henry Warwick, James Reling, Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz, Jessica Janeiro Obernyer, Jessica King, Jim Cribley, Joke Lanz, Jose Iges Lebrancon, Keri April, Kristoffer Raasted, Lala Lu, Lars Nicolaysen, Laurent Lenclud, Laurent Phere, Little Fyodor, Maria Teresita Francisco, Max Eastman, Molly Vikart, Narucha Eimsamaran, Noinaa Koknoi, Rafael Flores, Rafael González, Rudolf Eb.er, Suzy Angus, Tara Bhattacharya, Taylor Geddes, Tore H Boe, Walter Rovere, and Zo Guthrie.


GX Jupitter-Larsen (Los Angeles, US, b. 1959)

Since 1979, has worked as a performance artist, sound artist, writer, and filmmaker.
GX has worked in radio since 1983. His radio art, often performed live to air, has been broadcast around the world, on such stations as the ORF (Kunstradio), Radio Banzai, Radio Alize, Radio Copernicus. In 2015, he produced a radio poem based on the words of whistleblower PVT Chelsea Manning. This piece was broadcast on Resonance FM in the UK, on Borealis Festival Radio in Norway, and on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's radio series Soundproof.

GX is currently working on his third feature-length movie which deals with the theme of “distance between research and knowledge.”