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Author: Esther Ferrer
Title: Al ritmo del tiempo [To the Rhythm of Time]
Year: 1992
Technique: monaural sound work
Duration: 29'45''
Edition of 3 + 1 A.P.

5.000,00 € + VAT

This work also includes:
· Audio interview by José Iges with Esther Ferrer about the work. Duration: 7'33''
· Five digital photographs and a digital photographic diptych of performances, of documentary value, by F. Bergeron, M. Ferrer and Gargetti.

15 minutes of Performances, Festival Le lieu, Quebec (Canada), 1990. Photo: F. Bergeron

15 minutes of Performances, Festival Le lieu, Quebec (Canada), 1990. Photo: F. Bergeron

To the Rhythm of Time. Bastille Theatre, Paris (France), 1984. Photo: Matilde Ferrer

The Time of the Performance, Milan Poetry Festival, Ansaldo (Milan), 1989. Photo: Gargetti

To the Rhythm of Time, DANAE Foundation, Pouilly (France), 1988. Photo: Matilde Ferrer

15 minutes of Performances, Festival Le lieu, Quebec (Canada), 1990. Photo: F. Bergeron

Esther Ferrer's interview, conducted by José Iges, on the occasion of the live premiere on 17-2-1992 of her radio performance "To the Rhythm of Time", broadcast on Ars Sonora (RNE Radio Clásica).
Duration: 7'33''

Click here to read English transcription of the interview.


Esther Ferrer (San Sebastián, ES, b. 1937).

She is known above all for her performances, her main form of expression, whether solo or in the ZAJ group (dissolved in 1997), created by Ramón Barce, Juan Hidalgo and Walter Marchetti in 1964.
Her work has been more oriented towards Art/Action, an ephemeral practice, than towards Art/Production. At the beginning of the 1960s she created in Spain, together with the painter J.A. Sistiaga, the first free expression workshop.
From the 1970s onwards she resumed her work in the field of Visual Arts: reworked photographs, installations, objects and works based on the series of prime numbers or the no. Pi.
Her work is part of "a minimalism based on the rigour of the absurd". Ferrer says, but only when asked, that performance is the "art of space, time and presence".
She has exhibited her plastic work in different museums and galleries in Spain and abroad and created two radio works for Radio Nacional de España: To the Rhythm of Time and TA TE TI TO TU or Agriculture in the Middle Ages.
In 1999 she was one of the two artists who represented Spain at the Venice Biennale, in 2006 she received the TRACE: John Boehme Performance Art Lifetime Achievement Award, in 2008 she was awarded the National Plastic Arts Prize, in 2012 the Gure Artea Prize of the Basque Government, in 2014 the MAV Prize (Women in the Visual Arts), the Marie Claire Prize for Contemporary Art and the Velázquez Prize.