Freijo Gallery's 10th Anniversary Exhibition. May 2020
ors: Freijo Gallery & LZ46

Looking out from our balconies onto the street, time may seem to have stood still, yet it is time that has brought us here, allowing us to take the step from looking from the outside to looking from the inside, from being observers to being lead characters. Inside - outside, near - far, past - future, the extremes of the pendulum movement that has shaped who we are and from then onwards, who we want to be.

In order of appearance:
José Iges | Miguel Ángel García | Jesús Ubera | Mateo Maté | Álvaro Laiz | Gina Arizpe | Concha Jerez | Ramón Mateos | Josechu Dávila | Ángela Bonadies | Rocío Garriga | Los Torreznos | Javier Núñez Gasco | Bartolomé Ferrando | Ricardo Nicolayevsky | Laura Torrado | David Beltrán | Mónica Sánchez-Robles | Marisa González | Fernando Llanos


80 x 160, 2020