The Dark Side of the Mirror, 1994-1997-2007
Video work made in 2007 with material filmed in 1994 and 1997.
Video. Máster. HD
Unique piece
P.V.P.: 16.000,00 € + VAT

In the midst of the confinement caused by the pandemic due to the coronavirus, Concha Jerez presents this video art piece, which from an Other place of confinement, delves into the limits of justice from the spaces of prison stables, the inner reality, the outer reflection.

This piece has a hidden origin in the actions titled Parenthesis of Interferences, which the artist carried out in the Penitentiary of men of Carabanchel, today disappeared, during two weeks from the Constitution Day of 1994 and a direct origin in the Intermedia Installation, sound and visual, titled La fosca del mirall (The Darkness of the Mirror), carried out in 1997 in the exhibition halls of Can Palauet of the Catalan locality of Mataró.

From the former, the artist takes the photographic images of the prison and the sound recordings made there, and from the latter, the video recordings made by the author of the Installation at Can Palauet.

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Artist in confinement video