SINE DIE, 2018.
Video (color, sound)
Text: Spanish – English
Single channel installation of variable dimensions
Soundscape author: Rocío Garriga
Edition of 2 + 1 AP
P.V.P.: 4.500,00 € + VAT

Exhibition history:
· The Mirror Rule, 2018. Freijo Gallery, Madrid, ES
· Derivaciones 3, 2019. Dados Negros, Ciudad Real, ES

SINE DIE is an audiovisual work revolving around the concepts of war and civilization through metaphors. This piece is part of Rocío Garriga's project, entitled Bombed Zoos, in which the artist reflects on the current distancing of living nature, as well as on the thin veil we build between the concepts 'animal' and 'human'.

You can find more information about Rocío Garriga here

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