Pinzada, April 2020.
Photography and digital watercolour on cotton paper
55 x 40 cm.
Unique piece
P.V.P.: 1.500,00 € +

Text which appears in the artwork:
I felt like the rope that the clothes pin was holding, pointing straight towards the open space but caught in a point without squeezing, knowing that the line will continue later...

It is part of a text in which I talk about the moment of hanging clothes during the confinement, where going up to the roof changes the experience and becomes an almost luxury moment, when you can be outdoors. In that very pleasant moment, the rope confined between the clothes pin drastically cuts the linear flow, a unique moment full of uncertainties that we do not know where it will lead us to. Everyday objects become important, what we thought was so important becomes expendable and a rooftop can be a gift.

You can find more information about Mónica Sánchez-Robles here

Artist in confinement video