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Study of Pictorial Anatomy: "St. Francis in Prayer before the Crucified", 2020
The Ivy Leaf, Heaven, Earth and Habit
Graphite on Fabriano cardboard
Polyptych with four drawings, 49 x 70 cm each
P.V.P.: 5.000,00 € +

It is a work made up of four drawings based on 4 Stratigraphic Photographs*. In this case corresponding to an ivy leaf, the sky, the earth and the habit represented by Domenikos Theotokopoulos "El Greco" in his work St. Francis in Prayer before the Crucified.

It is a tautology of colour, which is represented or portrayed itself, and which then turns into new "landscapes or abstractions" where the invisible is revealed both to its creator and to the spectator. They are visually "abstract" images, but they come from a scientific reality.

*Microscopic photography of a micro-sample of pigment extracted from a painting. A technique from geology that studies the disposition and characteristics of sedimentary rocks and strata. In art restoration laboratories it is used to analyze the composition and structure of works of art.

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