Jesús Ubera

In the space-time continuum all the events of the universe are represented. It is the impossibility of separating time from the three spatial dimensions that also makes it dependent on the state of motion of the observer.

In the 19th century, Lébert, a physician specializing in tumors, coined the words: heterochrony - which is translated as "error" of time to designate the organs which, during their growth, suffer transformations of form and size - and heterotopia - which is translated as "error" of place - and would serve as a basis for using this last term and Foucault's affirmation that all distribution of space is an exercise of power and, therefore, design is used in contemporary cities to restrict the passage and use of public spaces to sectors of the population that are not dissidents of the government of the cities.

That is to say, heterotopia can be understood as a place where two mutually exclusive situations occur: the use of public space and survival, as has been manifested during the State of Alarm decreed in March-June 2020 in Spain.

The project of Jesús Ubera Biedma is thus articulated by these concepts of space-time: heterochrony and heterotopia.

Ramón Mateos

PHotoEspaña 2020 Web

Conversation: Jesús Ubera (photographer) and Ramón Mateos (curator)
PHotoESPAÑA 2020