In this hyperreal space we present the work of the following artists: Concha Jerez (Spain, 1941), Gina Arizpe (Mexico, 1972), Jesús Ubera (Spain, 1971), Álvaro Laiz (Spain, 1981), Marisa González (Spain, 1943), Rocío Garriga (Spain, 1984), and Los Torreznos (Rafael Lamata (Spain, 1959) & Jaime Vallaure (Spain, 1965)).

The space in which this exhibition is presented recreates a physical room, a concrete three-dimensional place, mirroring a white cube. In his essay Simulacra and Simulation, Jean Baudrillard addressed the question of simulation as a replacement of materiality with representations of the real, which Baudrillard refers to as “hyperreality.” According to him, a simulation “threatens the difference between the ‘true’ and the ‘false,’ the ‘real’ and the ‘imaginary.’” [1] Throughout the exhibition, these seemingly opposed qualities merge into one; they become intertwined through this virtual room, through an online imagery of bodies, words, gestures, landscapes and cityscapes. [1] Baudrillard, J. (1994). Simulacra and Simulation. (S. Glaser, Trans.). Michigan: The University of Michigan Press, p. 3 (original in French, 1981).

On behalf of Virtual Freijo, we would like to thank Pablo Morales Muñiz for his help, as well as his contribution to this online exhibition.